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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Another week and some more food

Week beginning Saturday 14th May 2011

This is our dinner list for this week:
Saturday – Chiara’s mozzarella pasta
Sunday – sweet and sour cashews
Monday – random curry and tarka dhal
Tuesday – Turkish style new potato casserole
Wednesday – chips and something from the freezer
Thursday – spaghetti bolognaise or our version of stroganoff (Steve’s cooking, so it’ll be one of these two)
Friday – Quiche, new potatoes and side veg/mixed salad.

I spent £28.01 at Asda this week. I bought organic green beans (not sure why I bought organic, I think they were cheaper than the regular beans) and too much broccoli (I spent £2.36 on this). Sometimes, it’s hard to know what quantity of beg to get when you shop online. We’ll be eating a lot of broccoli this week, but N loves it and it’s full of calcium.

I bought celery and kiwi fruits this week – so I’ll be having some celery and cream cheese sandwiches for lunch and N will have having kiwi fruit in her lunch box too.

I also spent £2.59 in our corner shop on mozzarella and cheddar (which was £1.69 for 400g) and £3.28 in the co-op on apples, bread and cherry tomatoes. This brings my total to £33.88, so I’ll probably be just over the £35 by the time I’ve bought another loaf of bread and some eggs.

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