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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

End of June Feasts and Slow Cookers

I've got to go back to work! Sadly the happy interlude that is maternity leave is coming to an end. This means I won't be here to cook dinner at least three nights a week. That means S has to and he likes an easy life in the kitchen, so if it was up to hime we'd have oven chips every night. I can't let that happen, so my plan is to cook in bulk on the days I am around and leave a stash of food in the freezer. This means I need to be organised enough to get food out in the morning, but I plan the meals on a weekly basis so this is no problem.

The other thing is though that I have recently chucked away our microwave. To be honest the thought of microwaved food was making me feel uncomfortable so I had stopped using it. It was taking up space too, space that I could fill in otherways. So when I chucked out the microwave I bought a slow cooked instead.

I had a slow cooked a few years ago, but it was small and not very good. This time I did a bit of research and bought a good one with a large capacity. I am hoping that this will also help S out. I can chuck everything in the slow cooker in the morning before I go to work and then all he will have to do is cook up some rice or pasta and serve. Well, we'll see eh.

Anyway, this week I have three slow cooker meals planned. So here is this weeks menu.

Saturday - vegan chicken nuggets, chips and peas

Sunday  - pie, new potatoes and veg. And there was pudding gooseberry and redcurrant crumble (using allotment fruit) with vegan ice cream.

Monday  - BBQ tofu, veg and rice (slow cooker)

Tuesday - Stroganoff

Wednesday - Refried beans in tortillas

Thursday - Aubergine parmazano (well actually aubergine with Tesco vegan cheese)

Friday - Stew and dumplings (slow cooker).

It was a pretty good shop this week too. I spent £40 and somethign pence. I thought it would be much more as I bought vegan cheese, tofu, lots of fruit, Trex, veggie meat substitutes (chicken nuggets and cauliflower cheese grills) and lots of other expensive stuff.

And, the slow cooker is working out well too. I can smell my refried beans now and they smell good and everyone liked the BBQ tofu, especially N who has got really fussy lately.

Recipes to follow - E has just woken up!


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