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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wednesday bargains

I was coming back from an exercise class earlier and I needed some bread. I tried to use the co-op but having driven round the block twice there wads definitely no where to park, so I gave up and went to Tesco (I hate Tesco so this sticks in my throat).

On this occasion though Tesco was the right place to go. I bought

A spelt and sunflower bloomer
Two organic avocados
A bag of wild rocket
A six chocolate teatime cakes

This cost me a grand total of 32 pence!

I did need the bread, but the other items were impulse buys. Still at 14p, 9p, 4p and 5p respectively I think I can justify the spends. And actually I spent half of what I would on the co-op bread. Nice.

So going to the supermarket at 8pm is obviously a winner!

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