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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Wonderous Properties of Tea

Our menu this week started with sausage kebabs. N requested kebabs after watching ‘I Can Cook’, so how could I refuse. I cut up the veg and N and I threaded the kebabs together. I made my own version of a barbecue glaze and we had a very nice dinner thank you.

I also experimented with store cupboard stables as beauty products again. Currently, bicarb, vinegar and oats are all featured in my toilet bag, but now I’ve also added tea – to dye my hair! I use the no-poo method of washing my hair and so I didn’t want to ruin that regime with chemical hair dye, but I’ve just had a fringe cut in and now a few straggly grey hairs loom on my forehead. So after a quick google around I decided tea would be just the thing. And it worked. OK, so I know there are still grey hairs there, but they are far less visible and from what I can gather, regular use of tea as a treatment works best. In fact, mix in a bit of sage and it works even better. All I did was brew up some really strong tea and rinse my hair in it after I washed it. I left this rinse in and let me hair dry. Brilliant.

Anyway, here’s this week’s menu.

Saturday – Veggie Sausage kebabs with rice and salad
Sunday – Nut roast (freezer) with roast parsnips, carrots, sprouts and green beans
Monday – Vegetable and bean stew and dumplings
Tuesday – Vegetable chilli and rice
Wednesday – Cauliflower cheese grills (S)/Bean burger (me and N) and chips
Thursday – Stroganoff
 Friday – Tarka Dhal and homemade onion bhajis.

Shopping bill - £37.55

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